Toddler Zone

Learning through Play is fundamental in a child’s development in intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth.
I Depot Play’s Toddler Zone provides the most interesting and challenging space with soft play objects, visually interesting items and activities that promote hight- quality play while enhancing learning and development.
As a multi-sensory environment containing visual materials, auditory play panels, touching, manipulating, and movement activities that are designed to facilitate learning through play.
It is an active form of learning that engages the senses, body and mind.


Provides the most interesting and challenging space with climbing structures, soft play objects, inflatable spaces, visually interesting items and activities that promote high-quality play while enhancing learning and development.
As a multi-level climbing environment, we have combined visual materials, play panels, manipulation objects, and body movement activities with a unique "DEPOT" designed inflatable structure all intended to facilitate learning through play.


Kids have an innate desire to climb everything from kitchen counters to trees and if they’re metaphorically climbing the walls at home, it’s time to give them a literal outlet. Tempted to give climbing a go? Sociable, dynamic and fun, climbing is an exciting alternative to boring gym routines for adults and a great way to prove to kids that exercise can be fun! Get the adrenaline buzz from reaching the top. Keep fit without feeling like you’re doing exercise. Socialize and build friendships. What’s stopping you?

I•Motion Rides

I-Motion Rides are the safest choice for young children and a great attraction for your indoor center, shopping center and all entertainment venues with space limitations. Our new line of I-Motion Rides includes bumper cars, baby animal rides and commercial battery cars.
They have high safety standards and they are built on the idea of kid’s love for driving and role-play.


I•Depot•Play is the logical progression and direction for Inflatable Depot.
With over twenty years of leading design and development of unique inflatables that encompass the highest playability in the industry.
Our partners have selected us for our ability to deliver our exclusive unique designs, abilities, and capabilities while bringing a visualization into a reality.
Inflatable Depot’s Innovation, trendsetting and originality, has shaped the industry. Design firsts coming from Depot’s creative genius.
The Highest Quality Custom Inflatables.


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